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Accounting Technology
October, 2000
Low-cost Time & Billing
Bargains abound in boxes
and on the Web

By John Hedtke
"BalaBoss Client Navigator is a very good boxed product that is actually more for the mid-sized or large company with at least 10 to 20 timekeepers."

"BalaBoss has many cool features that set it apart from other packages"

Accounting Today
TECHNOLOGY - News and Trends in information systems and electronic commerce
May 1-21, 2000
Time & billing software proves affordable, effective
By Ted Needleman
"... Client Navigator is a terrific T&B package. It goes way beyond basic functionality with features like the Launch Pad and very robust contact management, project management and due-date tracking functionality. If you want something a bit more than just T&B, Client Navigator is definitely worth a look"


The CPA Software News
The independent voice for accountants' software
November 1999
BalaBoss Adds Time & Billing Module
By Phillip D. Dunford, Jr.
"BalaBoss Client Navigator will be a welcome addition to any firm. Anyone who is sick and tired of having to constantly navigate Windowsí start menu to open various accounting and tax programs will fall in love with this programís shell-like concept. BalaBoss is truly revolutionary. Not only does it perform admirably as a time/billing solution, it can also function as 'home base' for every computer screen in your office"


The Bottom Line
The independent voice for Canada's Accounting and Financial Professionals
November 1999
Knowing how to Track your Billings
By Franco Alfieri

"This is a good solution for an accounting firm that requires a system that delivers more than just time-and-billing, and a rather convenient way to access and organize client data files all in one comprehensive package.

"Itís flexible enough to adapt to your current system, no matter which accounting, tax or office suite software your firm uses. BalaBossís time-and-billing module does not have the extensive colourful features of PACS or Timeslips. However, the performance is reliable, users will marvel at its simplicity and the price is right ..."


The CPA Software News
The independent voice for accountants' software
November 1998
Client Navigator Accesses Files Created By Other Applications
By Phillip D. Dunford, Jr.
"More than a simple shell program, the BalaBoss Client Navigator is a command center that unites contact management (including ownership structures), flexible reporting, a tickler, staff scheduling, and file room and archiving management within a simple push-button interface.

"I've waited years for a practice management program this simple to use, and I'm glad I did because this product heads into new territory with its superb document-management utilities"



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